The Accomplishments of Man

About DougBergeronPhotography

I have been into photography since the early 1980's. I started with film and chemical darkroom processing, eventually learning black and white, C41 color, and E6 slide processing. Today, most of my images are captured using Nikon DSLR technology. I learned my craft through photojournalism training, not art. Hence, for much of what I do, I use a documentary or story telling approach. Sometimes the stories are obvious; sometimes I let the viewer create their own story around the image. With few notable exceptions, the image the viewer sees is the way it was found. The viewer gets a chance to experience what I see. I use my skills in pre-visualization, manual control of camera functions, and perspective to pull the image out of the scene I am experiencing.

Many people have heard of Ansel Adams. While one of the finest photographers, he is not my inspiration. I prefer the work of another of Adams' Group f/64 colleagues, Edward Weston. His mastery of lighting to make simple compositions dramatic and explode with detail are what make his work such wonderful examples for future students of photography to strive for.